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Perfect Leap™ was founded in early 2017 by a 12-year technology veteran and a group of young developers who met while volunteering their shared passion for computing at a local non-profit.

As a hybrid cloud solutions provider, Perfect Leap™ offers a unique combination of hosting, managed IT services, website design and top-notch computer support, all under one roof.

As an IT company geared exclusively towards serving businesses and non-profits throughout Port Moody, Coquitlam and the Greater Vancouver area, Perfect Leap™ strives to be the best at 3 things:

1) People-first – Understand and appreciate the unique needs of our clients while providing the best service possible. We believe in finding the “right solution”.

2) Be a pioneer – We stay at the forefront of technology, cybersecurity and software development trends because we love what we do. Our “DevOps style” method of technology management ensures that our systems stay running no matter what.

3) Do the right thing – Perfect Leap™ provides pro-bono and discounted services for several non-profits around Vancouver including Coquitlam Heritage Society, Access Youth Outreach Services and FreeGeek Vancouver. We are big believers in “ethical computing” and we make liberal use of both Free Open Source Software and upcycled technology to achieve this purpose.

Meet the team

Joel DeTeves

Joel DeTeves


Command-line cowboy
Over a decade of IT experience

Lucas Salibian

Lucas Salibian


Rust + Linux Evangelist
Fluent in: Go, Python, Ruby, PHP and Javascript

Jeff Schwanebeck

Jeff Schwanebeck


Versed in the art of bash-fu
Experienced in Linux, Rust, Python, Java, HTML + CSS

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