Whether you’re business owner with a WordPress (or a custom-built) website, or if you’re a web developer currently spending a lot of time managing the backend for your customers, then you may be curious to know how Perfect Leap™ is using Docker to:

  • Boost our website performance
  • Speed up deployment time for new sites and
  • Keep all of our client sites updated and secure with minimal downtime

Read on to learn more!


The Ocean In the Cloud

We host all of our stuff using Linux servers on Digital Ocean. Like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean offers a VPS (Virtual Private Server) solution where you can host your infrastructure out in the cloud. We choose Digital Ocean based on 3 factors:

  1. Pricing – Digital Ocean’s servers are incredibly cheap if you’ve got the skills to manage your own infrastructure, or have a company like Perfect Leap™ manage it for you.
  2. Performance – Digital Ocean offers a great price-to-performance ratio; combined with their cheap pricing you also get solid-state storage (SSD’s), multiple cores and multiple gigabytes of memory. In non-technical terms, that’s a fantastic bang for your buck!
  3. Flexibility – We needed the flexibility to develop / choose our own software solutions (outside of WordPress plugins). Unlike all-in-one solutions (GoDaddy, Wix, Squarespace, etc), Digital Ocean gives us our very own servers with which we can install and operate whichever software and configurations we see fit!

In addition to these factors, Digital Ocean has multiple data centers scattered across multiple locations: you can choose to keep your data on Canadian soil (in their brand new high-tech Toronto location), or distribute your workload across the globe to ensure maximum performance and continuous uptime for your customers!




Docker + Ansible + WordPress = Decentralized Web Hosting

Decentralized? But how!? For those of you not familiar with Docker, it’s an open-source technology that stores applications in containers. In short, containers are a relatively new technology that make your applications portable – meaning they can be picked up and moved to nearly any kind of host / operating system in a matter of seconds!



Unlike traditional virtual machines, containers strip away the extra layers required by a guest operating system, leaving only the bare minimum code required to make the application run. This creates a far smaller footprint – which allows you to host more applications on a single server, while isolating applications from each other and the host in the same way that virtual machines do!

Ansible is an open-source IT config management software that allows you to control nearly any aspect of your IT environment using special scripts called “playbooks”. Paired with Docker, Ansible becomes very powerful indeed – think of the flexibility and portability of containers crossed with complete automation. At Perfect Leap™, we moved all of our configurations to Ansible playbooks. Now, whenever we choose, we can scale up, scale down or re-deploy our entire infrastructure to a completely new environment in a matter of minutes!


Make the Perfect Leap to Ansible and Docker

Are you interested in deploying containers at your organization? At Perfect Leap™, we’re not just experts in the space – we recommend the same type of technology for our clients that we use ourselves – so you can rest assured that we can troubleshoot it! Ready to make the Perfect Leap™ to a DevOps orchestrated environment? Call us for a consultation today!



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