Perfect Leap™ Private Cloud

Your data, your business, your cloud

Perfect Leap’s private cloud solution makes it easy to share data between colleagues, business partners and more, all without jeapordizing who owns your data. Our solution is PIPA / PIPEDA compliant and gives you all the functionality of a commercial cloud sharing platform while allowing you to choose whether or not to store your data in a datacenter or on-premises.

Store your data on-premises, in a Canadian datacentre or both

Store your data on AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, in your own server room or in mulitple locations – the choice is yours.

Share data securely between colleagues and 3rd parties

Video call verification allows you to verify face-to-face the identity of the person you’re sharing with.


Fully encrypted, both at rest and in transit

256-bit AES encryption ensures that your data stays protected whether it’s kept on-prem or stored elsewhere

Create policies, audit your sharing and more

Configure advanced security policies. Keep tabs on all your shares, who is sharing what, and who it’s being shared with.

Plans and Pricing

$49/ month, 100 GB storage

Add 75 cents per additional GB

Good for solopreneurs and small businesses

$125/ month, 250 GB storage

Add 50 cents per additional GB

Good for businesses that require more storage per person

$450/ month, 1 TB storage

Add 44 cents per additional GB

Good for bigger businesses or those that share large files

Or bring your own storage for $249/ managed server per month



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