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A crashing web UI jeopardizes a company’s bottom line specializes in GPS tracking equipment.  Their web application, which is used by their customers to track their asset locations, was crashing several times per month leading to outages and frustration.

Even more challenging, the company needed the app to scale as they planned on doubling the number of GPS units in the field within a year.

Perfect Leap jumped into action, immediately recognizing that the AWS-hosted Windows server was running out of memory. In addition, the PHP5 framework was buggy and in need of updates.

The Perfect Leap team worked together to port the user-facing side of the application to Linux + Docker, first testing on a local environment. Within 1 day, the app was running on the faster, more secure PHP7, encrypted via https and made completely portable through the use of container technology. Within 1 week, the app was ready to be re-deployed to production.

The end result: the app no longer crashes, is more secure and performance is greatly improved. As an added bonus, the company saved money on their AWS hosting by reducing the amount of resources required.


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September 28, 2018



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