Kick downtime to the curb.

Reliable, efficient cloud managed IT solutions powered by professionals


Kick downtime to the curb.

Reliable, efficient cloud managed IT solutions powered by professionals

Make the perfect leap to better IT

The next step in the evolution of IT systems management is here: Explore a Perfect Leap™ technology solution today.


Total Control

Every change we make is commited in a code repository. By managing IT infrastructure the same way that a programmer writes applications, we ensure all IT changes are tracked, controlled and dependable.

Smaller Footprint

Our IT systems are highly efficient and designed to use fewer resources. Maximize your budget by spending less time and money on upgrades and more on your business.

Robust Security

We encrypt our data both at rest and in transit. We utilize a proactive approach to cybersecurity, conducting regular checks in order to ensure both your customers and business are protected.

Unparalleled Resilience

Applications are no longer limited to the servers they operate on. Scale easily, recover faster and worry less – our systems are designed to grow right along with you.



Break free from brick and mortar with a cloud solution from Perfect Leap™


A local Microsoft Office 365 and Amazon AWS solutions provider serving Port Moody, Coquitlam & Greater Vancouver

Real Results

Proudly trusted by the following businesses

“Joel is responsive as well as proactive. He is totally competent in the technical side of things, but is able to communicate well in laymen’s terms with all levels of tech users. He has built great relationships with not only the directors and managers of our organization, but also with frontline staff. He takes a strategic view of what the organization needs, and works with us, at our pace and budget, to continue to move initiatives forward. Joel has been an incredible partner, at an affordable price for a non-profit (which we appreciate SO much), and I can’t recommend him more highly.”
Tiffany M

Executive Director, New View Society

Pax Planning
“I feel much more at ease now, knowing that my IT, and site hosting, is in good hands, and that I have a real live, local, person whom I can call on and whom I trust, when I run into IT issues.”
Natasha K

Principal, Pax Planning

TracksInc GPS Solutions Access Youth Outreach Services Vona Therapeutics Vona Therapeutics Midnight Drive Apps

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