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Each year, ransomware affects thousands of companies in Canada. Don’t become a victim – download our free e-book to learn how you can protect yourself today!

*estimate / approximation.
(Stats obtained from studies conducted by Datto Canada and symantec corp)
about 13 %
of businesses hit with ransomware never get their data back
over 176,000
new ransomware variants were detected in the wild in 2017
over 5.7 M
dollars in ransom was paid by Canadian businesses in Q2'16-'17
about $ 33
per-minute is how much downtime costs a business with 50 staff*

Our Mission

Perfect Leap™ is a DevOps IT solutions provider that makes businesses more efficient using open source technology.

Serving Port Moody, Coquitlam, Vancouver and surrounding areas, we specialize in providing top-notch support with a focus on cybersecurity.

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    • Take your work with you: be it smartphone, laptop or tablet. Your work goes everywhere and can be edited on the fly. However you choose to work is up to you.

    • Ditch the hardware, cut costs: Reduce the need for expensive software licenses and hiring more IT just to keep servers running. Stop worrying about upgrading every 5 years. The cloud is robust, resilient & redundant.

    • Sharing is caring: Hold presentations with remote workers, make notes, collaborate on the same documents in real-time. No more pesky errors about locked spreadsheets. The cloud brings everyone together!

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  • Identify IT risks with the Perfect Leap™ scorecard - Vancouver IT consulting

    What kinds of things does the scorecard address?

    Data Integrity – the single most precious resource in an organizational IT structure, in most cases a loss of data can have catastrophic consequences.

    Security – Data integrity in and of itself is valuable, but what are your people doing with that data? Are hackers and viruses running rampant? Are flash drives being left on the skytrain? Are strangers being let into the server room?

    Knowledge – The keys to the castle so-to-speak. Are your passwords being kept in an unprotected Excel spreadsheet on a public shared drive? What is that archaic Pentium II doing in the server closet?

    Efficiency – Often overlooked and under-appreciated, how well are you utilizing technology? Are your staff forming long line-ups in front of the coffee machine while waiting for their systems to reboot?
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    What if I don’t want to sign?

    No problem! While we treat our scorecard as the bread and butter of our remediation approach, there is no obligation to sign off on a project once provided.

    We use the scorecard as a tool to help our prospective clients break down the costs and urgency levels of issues on their network, and we are confident that our approach will simplify your IT challenges in such a way that you’ll want to stick with us!


    Do you have a helpdesk?

    We sure do! However our belief is such that if the scorecard is addressed 100%, helpdesk requests should be kept to a minimum.

    That is why we prefer a remediation-based approach. This not only helps us to keep costs low, but it also helps us to provide the best possible service to all of our clients. After all, in a smoothly running environment, helpdesk requests should be very low!


    How does this help my company?

    We won’t rest unless the Scorecard is 100% green. In fact, we are so adamant about doing it right the first time, that we won’t agree to a helpdesk subscription unless the items on the scorecard are addressed!

    Of course, we are more than happy to provide consulting and project services too – we understand that one size does not fit all which is why we also offer competitive rate-based services.

    If you are interested in getting a quote for a project, get in touch with us today.

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