Coquitlam Heritage Society

Coquitlam Heritage Society

The Mackin House Museum at Coquitlam Heritage Society required upgrades to their core IT infrastructure. The tasks required were challenging because being a not-for-profit means they were working within a tight budget. Perfect Leap was able to assist the museum by implementing solutions that were both reliable and low-cost.



Work included:

  • Replacement of the old firewall with an upgraded unit
  • Installation of a new network switch
  • Replacement of the old wireless access point with a low-cost, powerful Ubiquiti AP
  • Cleanup of existing cabling and shelving
  • Installation of a new Datto backup unit (to replace expired cloud backup solution)
  • Installation and configuration of a managed antivirus product
  • Replacement of a failed UPS battery


Perfect Leap continues to provide computer support for Coquitlam Heritage Society as required.

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